Smart technology for road safety

A threatening reality

Before the pandemic the EU registerred about 22,000 road fatalities annually. 11 percent of the accidents can be linked to faulty or worn out tires. This tire related problem is estimated to carry an annual cost of EUR 22 Billion on top of a tremendous human suffering.

A harsh, less known fact

At the same time as much as 28 percent of microplastics in the ocean comes from tires shedding synthetic rubber as they wear down. Before ending up in the ocean the rubber contributes to the melting of glaciers and soil pollution. Some microplastics get ingested in the bodies and tissues of living organisms.

Roadguard is on a mission to eliminate road fatalities caused by worn out tires and to decrease micro plastics pollution.

Partners & Affiliates

Pioneer contract

Roadguard has entered into a development and pilot delivery agreement with Statens Vegvesen. The Roadguard system is expected to be active in the Norwegian road infrastructure before the end of 2024.
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Portrait of Jesper Von Zweigbergk

CEO, founder &
board member

Jesper von Zweigbergk

- 15 y senior management
- Executive MBA, SAID Business School, Oxford University &
M.Sc. Economics, Lund University 
Portrait of C. Wilhelm Stang

CFO, founder &

C. Wilhelm Stang

- 17 y investment banking & corporate finance
- M.Sc. Economics, BI Norwegian Business School, Sandvika
Portrait of Anna Solvejg Dinger


Anna Solvejg Dinger

- R&D background from multiple optical sensor systems
- Passionate about making the invisible visible 
- Ph.D. & M.Sc. Physics, Heidelberg University
Portrait of Josef Ellingsen

Chief Scientific Officer

Josef Ellingsen

- Deep R&D experience
- Can build anything
- Ph.D Material physics, University of Oslo & M.Sc. Nanotechnology, University Collage London

Senior Electronics Engineer

Sohail Musa Mahmood

- Deep R&D experience in electronics both at transistor & system level
- Loves getting the hands dirty & bring theory to practice
- Ph.D electronics & M.Sc. microelectronics, University of Oslo

Data Solutions Architect

Johanna Beate Stumpf

- Experience in IT infrastructure, DevOps and Data Science
- Ph.D. Theoretical Computer Science, University of Oslo & M.Sc. Mathematics, TU Darmstadt

Portrait of Ketil Solvik Olsen

Board member

Ketil Solvik Olsen

- Former Norwegian Minister of Transport and Communications
- CEO Seabrokers Fundamentering AS

Board member

Stig Kvalsvik

- Over 20 years' experience as founder and owner of Alfaprint AS. Alfaprint is the European market leader in name-tag systems for the consumer market

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Drammensveien 288,
0283 Oslo - Norway
+47 48 40 24 48
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